Restore Accidentally Deleted Photos

  • The perfect solution to undelete accidentally deleted or permanently deleted photos
  • All file formats of pictures are supported
  • Works with memory cards, memory sticks, iPods, hard drives, USB drives etc. with ease
  • Helps in securely extracting media files from the card storage

Have you ever come across with a situation where, you have accidentally deleted all your precious photos from a SanDisk and want to know how to get back pictures you accidentally deleted? If you are to say yes, then don’t panic! You can now retrieve accidentally deleted photos from a SanDisk using the efficient Photo Recovery Software.

Pictures are the best means to appreciate good old days. You can take lots of pictures in your daily life and store them on your device so, that you can watch them whenever you want and feel happy! Most of the individuals refer photos with different names such as, image, picture, photograph etc. But, at times you may accidentally delete pictures from your device due to different reasons. Hence, retrieving accidentally deleted photos is possible using the Photo Recovery Software. Visit: to know how to recover SanDisk micro SD card in order to get back lost or deleted data from it.

Note: When you delete any file from your device due to different reasons, only the memory space occupied by the picture is flagged and marked as free whereas, still there is a presence of the erased pictures to be recovered. Hence, in order to increase the chances of the recovery it is suggested to stop using your device to store any new data as, it may cause the permanent deletion of the pictures.


Let’s see some common scenarios that lead to accidental deletion of the pictures:

  • While trying to delete an unwanted photo, by mistake you select “Delete all” button on your device where, you can even come to know about how to get back pictures you accidentally deleted from your device using the powerful recovery software
  • Mistakenly deleting the wrong partition i.e., by mistakenly deleting the partition having your precious photos instead of the other one
  • While fiddling with the menu, you may also accidentally delete photos from your device
  • If there is a sudden system shutdown while transfer of files then, it may also lead to deletion of the pictures. If you face similar problem, then there are chances that SanDisk memory card get corrupted. Under such scenario, you can use this software to recover corrupted SanDisk memory card with ease.

You can now, successfully know about how to get back pictures you accidentally due to any of the situations mentioned above using Photo Recovery Software. This software is proficient software to successfully retrieve accidentally deleted photos from your device. Apart from recovering accidentally deleted pictures, this software also supports to recover lost pictures from various storage devices with ease. With the help of this software, you can perform accidentally deleted photos recovery on hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, iPods etc. It is compatible with all the latest versions of the Windows Operating Systems. It also supports Mac flash drive recovery due to various reasons within minutes. It not only supports to recover photos but also recovers, audio, videos and many other file types. Apart from recovering accidentally deleted pictures, this software also helps you to know about how to recover lost photos from SD Card, CF Card, SDHC Card, xD Card etc. Hence, it is considered as one of the best tools to retrieve accidentally deleted photos. Make use of the software to easily know about how to get back the pictures you accidentally deleted due to different reasons.

Steps on how to get back pictures you accidentally deleted using the Photo Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the software o your computer. From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option and then, from the next screen select “Recover Deleted Photos” option to perform accidentally deleted photos recovery process among “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos” options.

Restore Photos Accidentally Deleted - Main Screen

Figure 1. Recover Photos


Step 2: Now, the software scans and displays a list of drives choose the particular drive that represents your device from which you need to recover photos and click on “Next” button.

Restore Photos Accidentally Deleted - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2. Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view the recovered pictures using “Preview” option and then “Save” the recovered pictures to your desired location on computer.

Restore Photos Accidentally Deleted- Preview Photos Screen

Figure 3. Preview Recovered Photos Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite (10.10) Users