SanDisk Extreme SD Card Data Recovery

  • An efficient tool that retrieves data from SanDisk Extreme SD cards with ease
  • Avails media file recovery procedure in simple steps
  • Works with all other brands of memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives, iPods etc.
  • Can be installed on any edition of Windows and Mac


Have you ever lost the photos/videos from a SanDisk Extreme SD card and are you in search of SanDisk Extreme SD card recovery software? Don't panic! Your search has taken you to the right place to recover SanDisk Extreme SD card. By reading this article, you will come to know how to recover SanDisk Extreme SD card within a short span of time.

SanDisk Extreme SD card offers enough speed, capacity and durability to fulfill the demands of the photographers and passionate shutterbugs alike. It is used with the advanced cameras and HD camcorders. This SD card offers data speed upto eight times faster than ordinary memory cards. It has many advantages compared to ordinary SD cards but sometimes there are chances of missing the memorable photos or videos form it and the user may feel difficult to get back SanDisk extreme SD card photos/videos.

You might have DSLR camera and have inserted SanDisk Extreme SD card in it. It may consist of many photos and videos of your trip, friend’s wedding etc. due to which the memory is full. In spite of showing memory full and the sign of a low battery, you will continuously click photos on the camera and a few photos and videos might get lost due to improper use of it. You feel very frustrated and you would want to know can these images and videos be recovered using any technique?. The answer is, “Yes” you can recover photos/videos from SanDisk Extreme SD card by using the SanDisk Card Recovery software. This software is fast enough to restore SanDisk Extreme SD card and also helps you to recover files from SanDisk CF card within a few minutes.

Reasons for loss of files from a SanDisk Extreme SD card:

  • Interruption during the File Transfer:  During the process of transferring files from the camera to computer or vice-versa, If there is any interruption like a power surge while transferring files then it may result in a data loss. This is mainly because an interruption during the transfer corrupts the memory card's file system from where the files were being accessed.
  • File System Corruption: File systems play a major role in the loss of the files from SD card. As said in the previous scenario, If the file system of the SD card gets corrupt due to the harmful viruses then the files on SanDisk Extreme SD card becomes inaccessible resulting in loss of photos from a SanDisk Extreme SD Card.
  • Abrupt Removal of SD card: The SD card must not be removed during the read or write access. If the SD card is removed abruptly during the access then there are chances of losing photos and other data from it.

Relax!! Don’t panic by experiencing some of these mentioned scenarios as- you can use the SanDisk Card Recovery software to retrieve SanDisk Extreme SD card files with utmost ease. This software provides an effective outcome after file recovery from SanDisk Extreme SD card. In addition to SanDisk SD card data recovery, you can also get back files from Sony memory card. To get detailed info about Sony memory card data recovery, you can visit:

Features of SanDisk Card Recovery software:

SanDisk Card Recovery is the perfect software, which has advanced algorithms to recover SanDisk Extreme SD card files. This software guides you to perform SanDisk Extreme SD card recovery with much safe. Using this utility you can also restore lost data from SanDisk Micro SDHC card, SanDisk USB pen drive, SanDisk mini SD card, etc on different Windows and Mac OS X computers.

This software is compatible to recover files from SanDisk memory cards having FAT16 and FAT32 file system. It has a special feature called “Find” option, which helps you to search the files among the list of files. This software allows you to rearrange the files based on the file attributes like name, size, and location after flash drive recovery on Mac and Windows. Once the scanning process is done, you can save the file on any desired location.

The remarkable features of the application help the user to recover all the lost files from a SanDisk memory card. It helps the user in recovering deleted videos from the SanDisk memory card like SD card, xD card, MMC and various other data storage devices. The various data recovered by the application involves image files, music files, documents and it is efficient in recovering all other files present in the storage device. This easy to use app helps to perform a SanDisk 32GB micro SD card recovery within a few simple mouse clicks. To know more about, check this page:

Steps to perform SanDisk Extreme SD Card Recovery :

Step 1: Download and install the software to retrieve the SanDisk Extreme SD card. Later connect the SanDisk Extreme SD card to your computer with the help of the memory card reader. Run the tool and click on “Recover Photos” option to perform a SanDisk Extreme SD Card Recovery.

SanDisk Extreme SD Card Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” to retrieve SanDisk Extreme SD card photos based on the factor of file loss. The software navigates to the screen having the list of drives. Select the SanDisk Extreme SD card drive and click on the “Next” option.

Recover SanDisk Extreme SD Card Data - Choose Drive Screen

Step 3: The software scans the drive and recovers all the lost or deleted files and displays it to you on a new screen. Select the file you have lost and save them back on your system.

Recover Data from SanDisk Extreme SD Card - Preview File Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite (10.10) Users