Retain Deleted Videos From SanDisk Memory Card

  • The precise tool that undeletes videos from SanDisk memory card storage within clicks
  • Even other brands of memory cards, iPods, memory sticks, USB drives etc are supported
  • Built with eminent algorithms that restores card data with a quick scan
  • Helps in regaining formatted, lost or corrupt media files from the memory cards

Videos are often described as moving visual images. Moving pictures evolved from stills and found to be more interesting than photos. In the modern world, images can be captured using a variety of devices like camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones and many more. Day by day various devices are developed to produce more high-quality videos. The various devices mentioned above uses memory cards as the

SanDisk is a renowned producer of flash memory storage devices. Most of the digital cameras, camcorders and various other video capturing devices use SanDisk memory cards to store video files, image files, audio files and various other data. SanDisk memory cards are found to be simple and easy to use as they are small in size, portable, large storage capacity and can retain data even without power.

The various advantages of SanDisk memory cards have been a reason for wide acceptance of the device. Even though there are many advantages, the issue of data loss from SanDisk memory cards actually annoys the users. There are several reasons for the video loss from memory cards. The main reason for the loss of videos from the SanDisk memory cards is due to accidental deletion of these files by the users. Accidental deletion of video files can occur due to careless use of the device while watching the videos or operating cameras, camcorders etc. A common practice of deleting the junk files can sometimes result in deletion of the valuable videos from the SanDisk memory cards. The other main reasons for video loss from the memory cards are:

  • A severe attack of virus or other malware on the SanDisk memory cards can infect the file system and thus data including video files stored in the memory card become inaccessible.
  • Video files in SanDisk memory cards are transferred to the computer with the help of a card reader. Abrupt removal of the memory cards from the computer during file transfer can cause data loss from SanDisk memory cards. A power surge and sudden shutdown during file transfer can also result in the same.
  • Sudden pulling out of the SanDisk memory card during the writing process is going on can cause file loss from it.
  • The other main reason for data loss is due to accidental formatting of the memory cards. It results in loss of video files and other valuable data from the memory card

How to recover deleted videos from SanDisk memory card? Managing proper back up of the video files in SanDisk memory card is the best way to overcome the problem of video loss from SanDisk memory cards. If back up of the files is not available, don’t get worried when reputed and easy to use software called the SanDisk Card Recovery is easily available. The special built-in algorithm of the application helps the user to recover video files from the SanDisk memory card. The main features of this video recovery application are:

  • The application is very fast to recover deleted videos from a SanDisk memory card. i.e., this utility can scan and recover video files from the storage device within a few minutes.
  • Also, the software can be used to get back deleted photos from a SanDisk memory card. Likewise, it is able to recover all other lost data from the storage device
  • It is able to rescue video files from formatted or lost partitions of the SanDisk memory card.
  • It not only recovers deleted videos from the SanDisk memory card but it can also sort the recovered files on the basis of the name, size, date and file format.
  • The "Save Recovery Session" feature of the SanDisk Card Recovery application allows the user to resume the scanning process, instead of starting from the beginning and thus it plays a role in saving the user time.
  • The application can be used to restore lost files from a SanDisk memory stick, SD card, xD card, MMC and various other data storage devices

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from a SanDisk Memory Card:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your PC. Next, run the application and select “Recover Videos” option in order to recover deleted videos from a SanDisk memory card.

Step 2: In the next window, opt for either “Recover Deleted Videos” or “Recover Lost Videos” option, based on the data loss scenario. Now select the SanDisk memory card.

Step3: Then the software scans the entire SanDisk memory

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