SanDisk CF Card Data Recovery

How to Recover Data from SanDisk CF Card?

  • The proficient tool that helps in easily restoring data from SanDisk Compact Flash cards
  • Equipped with efficient algorithms that scans the card and extracts all files from it
  • Well-supported by all other brands of CF, SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, iPods, USB drives and others
  • Restores all media file types that are deleted, lost, formatted, corrupt or inaccessible


Compact Flash is one of the widely-used memory cards that has flash memory to save the data. This CF card is used with various electronic devices to save the data files such as digital cameras, Camcorder, Video game console, an mp3 player as well as many others. There are many companies which manufacture and markets CF card across the world. SanDisk is one of them, which has introduced an advanced CF card with many advanced features including large data storage capability, high data transferring rate, compatibility with multiple electronic devices, easy to use, and many others. These CF cards are available with different storage capacities ranging from 2 megabytes to 512 gigabytes.


Being the world’s most popular CF card manufacturing brand, SanDisk CF cards are not free from problems. Most of the time, SanDisk CF card user may face their precious data deletion or loss issue from it. This deletion of data from SanDisk CF card can be a human mistake or any technical fault. In such painful situations, users want to get back data from SanDisk CF card at any cost because if the user is a professional photographer, then it can lead to a huge loss in their business. For recovering data from SanDisk CF card, users need a highly advanced recovery program like SanDisk CF Card Data Recovery because there is no other way by which deleted or lost data recovery from the card can be achieved.   

This hassle-free recovery utility is specially developed with the help of high efficient card scanning algorithms which perform deep scanning of SanDisk CF card and easily restore data from not detected compact flash card by following a few simple mouse clicks.

Common Causes of Data Deletion or Loss from a SanDisk CF Card:  

  • In some cases, while scanning and removing viruses from the SanDisk CF card by using an antivirus program, it can also lead to data deletion from the card because antivirus programs remove all virus-infected data files from the CF card.
  • If people abruptly pulled out their SanDisk CF card from devices or a card reader when it is connected to the system and data transferring process is going on can be a cause of data loss from it.
  • Accidentally formatting SanDisk CF card while trying to format other device connected with the computer will remove all the data from the card without any warning message.
  • File system corruption, using the same SanDisk CF card with multiple devices, capturing images while no memory space in the card and accidental deletion can also lead to data loss from it.

Salient Features of the SanDisk CF Card Recovery Application:

  • This hassle-free can also be used to recover data from a SanDisk CF card which can be formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, broken or non-recognized just by following a few simple mouse clicks.   
  • SanDisk CF Card Data Recovery app is available for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac based systems. So, that both system users can easily install and recover their data from CF card on all the latest versions of both computers.
  • Not only form CF card but this amazing utility can be utilized to get back data from various other data storage devices, including external hard drive, flash drive, Solid State drive, pen drive, memory stick, SD card and many others without any more difficulty. In order to know more about SanDisk 1TB external drive data recovery, check this page:
  • With the help of SanDisk CF Card Data Recovery app, people can easily restore their all deleted or lost data files based on their creation date, file extension, signature, modify date, and others. In order to more about it, check this page:

Steps to Recover Data from a SanDisk CF card:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system. Later connect the SanDisk CF card to the system with the help of card reader. Run the tool and click on “Recover File” option from the first screen

SanDisk CF Card Data Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: From the second window select either “Recover Deleted File” or “Recover Lost File” after deciding the factor of data loss. The software navigates to the screen having a list of drives. Select the SanDisk CF card drive and click “Next” option

Restore Data from Compact Flash Card - Choose Drive Screen

Step 3: Software scans the CF card and recovers all the lost or deleted data files and displays it to you on a new screen. Select the file you have lost and proceed to save th e recovered files.

Recovering Data from SanDisk CF Card - Preview File Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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